Joy Reid Unleashes On Trump Spokesperson Who Tries To Suggest Donald Is ‘Incredibly Non Racist’

Now I’ve seen everything. Steve Cortes, who is probably the most blatantly ignorant Trump supporter, actually went on MSNBC and attempted to suggest that Donald Trump has ran what he called an “incredibly non racist” campaign. As if that wasn’t dumb enough, he went on Joy Reid’s show to do it. Of all the people to get into a pissing match with, Joy Reid is easily the worst choice on the network. Just watch how badly it went for Cortes in the short clip below.

David Frum, who is a pretty notorious Republican apologist, was also on the panel and even he indirectly acknowledged that Cortes was off his rocker. You could almost feel bad for Cortes, if it wasn’t for what he said minutes beforehand.

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After such a bashing, instead of trying to salvage his dignity Cortes then doubled down and got even more angry. You really could see the utter disgust in the “Are you serious?” look on Joy’s face at one point.

It’s so funny. Donald Trump’s campaign has turned into the equivalent of climate change. Most Republicans are just ignoring the fact it’s getting worse and they’re just sticking their fingers in their ears and humming any time someone tries to convince them otherwise. You almost want to feel sorry for them… but you never do.

Watch the wrecking ball interview below:

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