MSNBC Riled Up Pro-Trump Radio Host So Much She Mistakenly Told The Truth About Him (VIDEO)

Something pretty funny just happened at MSNBC. A conservative radio host who adores Donald Trump got so upset during a TV interview that she went totally off script and spoke truthfully about him. The funny part is, for being a pro-Trump person she sure does have a LOT of negative things to say about him, as you’ll see.

Heidi Harris, the pro-Trumper in this case, is your average right-wing blabbermouth that shouts over other people on cable news. You know the kind, I’m sure. One question turns into a verbal speed-talking assault from them, while they keep changing the subject as they gasp for breath to keep yammering until they have to break for commercial.

While this kind of approach to political commentary may have its advantages for conservatives, it leaves them vulnerable to accidentally saying things they wouldn’t normally say. Basically, they can’t think before they talk. It ends up with them doing what Harris did in the video below.

MSNBC host Joy Reid pinned Harris into a corner regarding Trump and Harris’s ridiculous defenses of him. Joy managed to achieve a remarkable victory when she actually made Harris directly answer a question without dancing around the subject, and the result was just hilarious.

Remember earlier when I said the speed-talking blabbermouth syndrome is a dangerous thing? This is exactly what I meant. Harris was so worked up that her internal censor broke, and she actually spoke the truth about Trump.

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If you ever wondered why conservatives never directly answer a question, this is the exact reason why. This is why they always change the subject, run off at the mouth, and try to defeat any debate with a never ending verbal flow of irrelevant BS. It’s because if they just speak the simple truth, they know that they’ll only end up damaging their party, as well as themselves for being a supporter of it. They don’t even need to listen to liberal opinion for this stuff either. It’s so blatant that they already figured it out for themselves.

Imagine how hard is to be a conservative in 2016. The mental hokey-pokey they have to do in order to convince themselves they aren’t supporting a woman-hating Neo-Nazi, while they are actually supporting a woman-hating Neo-Nazi, has got to be sending some of them on a one-way trip to the loony bin.

Watch what happens when a conservative tells the truth below:

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