Nasty Trumplicans Are Tweeting Insults About Melissa McCarthy Because: Waaahhhh!

Melissa McCarthy had an amazing weekend. Her appearance on SNL as Sean Spicer was a total win followed by the KIA Super Bowl commercial that created quite a bit of buzz – both seemed to have the whole country laughing.

Well, almost the whole country.

Some Trumplicans are completely incapable of taking a joke, so they are going for some seriously low hanging fruit to voice their impotent rage – fat jokes. Of course. Because there isn’t anything quite as unoriginal or petty as fat-shaming and we know Trump Buckets are lacking in both the creativity and maturity departments.

For example, this guy.

Umm, no. It was funny because it’s funny, you a-hole.

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He wasn’t the only one to stoop to such childish banter, though. The whole “fat” insult was a common theme among those who are incapable of anything other than shallow thought.

Some went straight to the trite “libtard” Hollywood celebrity smackdown. Ouch! (Oh wait, that never REALLY stung. . .carry on.)

Looks like Melissa McCarthy is doing all the right things if she’s pissing off the Trumpfluffers. Meanwhile, we will take what little entertainment we can get out of having a Giant Orange Traffic Cone in the White House. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

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Oh, and just in case you missed it, or just want to laugh again, here’s McCarthy as Sean Spicer from SNL:


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