National Park Services Gives Trump The Finger, Tweets Climate Change Info Despite Gag Order

Over the weekend the National Park Service retweeted two tweets (one about crowd size – ha ha) that were immediately scrubbed from the service’s Twitter feed. The Department of Interior told BuzzFeed News in an emailed statement:

[The posts were] inconsistent with the agency’s approach to engaging the public through social media.

Of course, what they really meant is those tweets didn’t give all praise to the new Orange Emperor Trump so now they shall feel the wrath of the new fascist regime.

Soon after news traveled about the tweets, The Department of Interior issued an email directing a “Twitter stand down” telling managers that there should “be absolutely no posts on Twitter.”

Isn’t this a bit ironic coming from a man now known as the Commander-in-Tweet?

Well, one park service branch, Badlands National Park Service, in an act of defience against Trump’s gag orders, continued to tweet in the face of their dictated order. Of course, the tweets have all disappeared, but fortunately this is the internet, and nothing can REALLY be deleted.

These are the tweets the Trump Administration doesn’t want you to see:

According to Colin Jones, director of social at The Daily Beast, the DNC didn’t hold back, issuing a statement that ended with, “Vladimir Putin would be proud.”

DNC not holding back on those Badlands tweets: “Vladimir Putin would be proud.”

Now, Badlands is still defiantly standing against Trump with this tweet asking people to caption it. Of course, we can’t help but notice that the photo is of two goats (yes goats) standing on the edge of a cliff. Symbolism that will surely fly right over the head of the Orange Dictator? We certainly think so.

Of course, this gag order doesn’t just apply to Tweets, it applies to website updates, press releases, meetings, webinars, and even email lists and it’s not just applicable to the National Park Service. It applies to the EPA, Department of Interior, USDA, HHS and National Institutes of Health – they have even been told they can’t provide information to the public or even congressional offices.

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How sad is it that in the United States of America our agencies are having to speak to us in code because they have been banned from sharing information with the public?

Yes, that is just f*cked up, no matter how you slice it. This isn’t one of Trump’s businesses he can just order all communications go through a public relations department – this is a government for the people, by the people. It’s only day four and our scientists have been told they cannot speak to the public. Yeah, this is going to be great. . . so great. *eyeroll*

Clearly, on the Tuesday after he took the oath of office, Trump has forgotten that we do not live in a dictatorship.

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