New Clinton Ad Calls Out Pence’s Lies About Trump From The Vice Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

One of the few times a vice presidential candidate gets any notice at all during the campaign comes when he or she takes the stage for the vice presidential debate. In that debate, the vice presidential candidate’s job is usually to show that he or she is capable of taking over as president if necessary. It’s also the candidate’s job to defend the policies and positions of his or her running mate.

Trying to defend the things that Donald Trump has said is no easy task, and you might feel sorry for his vice presidential pick, Mike Pence, except that Pence is the same sort of questionable character that The Donald is — he’s just more polished. So it’s no surprise that when Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, turned Trump’s own words against him, Pence chose to just deny Trump or he had ever said any of it. Of course with this funny little thing called “audio and video recording” that Republicans prove over and over that they don’t understand, it is very easy to see who was telling the truth.

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Hillary Clinton put together a new ad that calls attention to all the distortions of the record that Pence tried to pull off during the debate. When Kaine brought up some of the things Trump has said, such as his claim that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin would not attack Ukraine, Pence flatly denied them. But, using Trump’s (and occasionally Pence’s) own words, Clinton’s ad shows what total and complete liars the GOP candidates are.

Clinton released the ad, which includes clips from the vice presidential debate mixed with footage of Trump that directly contradicts Pence’s denials. Hillary’s ad backs up these claims made by Kaine:

  • Trump and Pence praised Putin as a strong leader
  • Trump didn’t know Putin had invaded Ukraine
  • Trump has called for a “deportation force” to track down those in the country illegally
  • Trump has said more nations should have nuclear weapons

And there are more, some even brought up by Pence himself, like his denial that Trump called for women to be punished for having abortions.

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The theory that when someone is telling the truth, there is little if any deviation in repetitions of their story is widely accepted by law enforcement and others who deal with criminals. Liar, however, change their stories all the time. And it’s fair to say that the United States has never seen a pair of liars on a presidential ticket as bold and unconcerned about it as Trump and Pence. The Indiana governor’s performance in the vice presidential debate proves that. And Hillary is making sure everyone knows it.

Here’s the ad, released Wednesday morning on Twitter:

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