New Poll Confirms A Majority Of Trumpsters Are Hypocritical Douchebags

During the 2016 election, hardly a day went by without some right-wing attack Hillary Clinton for using a private email server. To listen to them talk, it is a crime worthy of execution; it was high treason. And it was unacceptable.

So long as Clinton was the one doing it, anyway. As it turns out, a sizable percentage of Trump voters are a-okay with High Lord Orange Peel using a private email server — 42 percent, according to a new Public Policy Poll.

The 42/39 spread says all that needs to be said. The majority of Trump voters think it would be a-okay for Trump to do something that they’d previously condemned someone else for doing. It takes the phrase, “It’s Okay If You’re a Republican” to new, mind-blowing extremes.

As the report notes, “42 percent of Trump voters think he should be allowed to have a private email server to just 39 percent who think he shouldn’t be allowed to.”

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It then added what is perhaps one of the most British responses to this hypocrisy possible: “Maybe cyber security wasn’t such a big issue in last year’s election after all.”

If you found this level of hypocrisy just astonishing, don’t worry, you weren’t alone. A number of Twitter uses echoed these sentiments:

The report also highlighted just how dim people are viewing the Trump Administration during his first week, and that many people polled were suspecting he’ll wind up being a worse president than Nixon.

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This is a perfect illustration of the Milgram Experiment in action, honestly. So long as it’s an authority figure Republicans have been taught to trust, Republicans will support him (always a him) unconventionally.

Right up to the gas chambers, where they’ll merrily pull the lever. And then blame liberals for the fallout, because they’re the party of personal responsibility and all.

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