News Legend Tom Brokaw Calls Out Media For Ignoring Trump’s Lies (VIDEO)

Everyone said it wouldn’t happen. It COULDN’T happen. Donald Trump as the Republican nominee? “No way,” they said. Every time he got worse, it was “the end of his campaign,” but he just kept getting stronger. Then one day everyone in the mainstream media, along with the rest of America, sat around astonished that Trump earned the nomination by the Republican party’s own rules.

Almost in unison, our media asked “How the hell did that happen?!” We know how it did, and so does Tom Brokaw.

Our so-called media, which was little more than a propaganda arm of bad political reality TV this election, utterly failed in its duty. Trump lied and conned his way into the Republican nomination, and our media allowed it. They allowed it by being afraid to call him out for his lies, racism, bigotry, incitement of violence and whitewashing of his past.

To put it simply, they were greedy. Another network would have gotten all of the Trump mania and with it, all of the ratings. Afraid to lose money, our mainstream media let a con man get one step away from being the leader of the free world.

What few actual journalists still exist have taken notice of this and they aren’t happy. Legendary news man Tom Brokaw shared his thoughts about Trump’s rise to become our greatest national embarrassment since George W. Bush. While he didn’t say it directly, he made an implication that everyone seriously needs to understand.

Many people think it’s fashionable or clever to say that if you just ignore something it will go away. “Stop making stupid people famous,” or “Stop talking about <insert person here> and they’ll disappear from society.” No, it won’t. We tried that during the primary season and we have Candidate Trump as a result. It’s time for the media to earn back the people’s trust and speak the truth before one man ruins a nation.

Watch Tom’s comments below:

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