Newt Gingrich Just Got Kicked In The E-Nuts By Megyn Kelly For Being A Misogynist D-Bag (VIDEO)

This is…just…wow. Newt Gingrich is  and always has been a crude piece of trash not worthy of the distinction “Mr. Speaker.” Megyn Kelly, who is the typical Fox News actress on most occasions, has had more than a few moments in the sun when it comes to reporting the truth about Donald Trump.

On Tuesday night’s Kelly File, Gingrich accused Kelly of being “fascinated with sex” because she has reported on the plethora of women who have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of being…Donald Trump. The truth apparently makes him uneasy.

After explaining that she has a duty to her viewers — and to women in general — to report on what happens in the world of politics, Gingrich accuses her of being biased and brings up, go figure, Bill Clinton. Kelly’s answer is quite possibly the highlight of her career.

Watch Megyn Kelly remain remarkably calm as she drags Newt Gingrich into a virtual alley, kicks his e-nuts into his stomach and leaves him a quivering mess:

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Every now and then I just kinda wish Megyn Kelly would drop the Fox bit and become an actual journalist full-time rather than these little spurts we’ve seen lately. We’ll let you atone for the dumbass “white Santa” remarks, Megyn…we promise.

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