Nope, That Fancy Schmancy PowerPoint Did Not Make The New Healthcare Bill Look Awesome

What do moderate Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, doctors, nurses, hospitals, the elderly and insurers all have in common? They all hate House Speaker Paul Ryan’s new health care bill. Their reasons why may vary, but the seething hatred for the plan is alike. Who knew this sh*tty plan would be the thing to unite us?

Thursday, Speaker Ryan decided what all those people really needed were just some pretty pictures and then they would see how great this plan is! Then all the people in the land would love and revere the new health care bill. But, alas, no, everyone still hates the plan and now they hate Ryan for making us sit through a 45-minute illustrated version of sucking.

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He called the ACA in “a death spiral” and said this was the plan “conservatives have been dreaming about.” He exaggerated hikes in premiums and glossed over reasons why certain insurance companies pulled out of the marketplace. The pictures were new, but the talking points were exactly the same.

Twitter trolled Ryan and added context to inconvenient facts:

If premiums have skyrocketed in seven states, that should be worthy of fixing the ACA not replacing it with an entirely new bill to upend the system.

But if Paul Ryan wants to make this specific to the ACA then everyone will be pissed off enough to support his plan, DUH!

When even dopey Senators from the South who murmur “repeal the ACA” in their sleep are telling you to trash the plan — you’ve got big problems.

To be fair, millions of people kicked off their plans and subjected to higher premiums isn’t a downside to conservatives, it’s a bonus.

They had seven years to do many things, but as always, Republicans are better at pointing out problems not presenting solutions.

No one blames the insurance companies for this.

But it’s such a good talking point, Paul Ryan can’t quit it!

Nope, that fancy schmancy PowerPoint presentation doesn’t seem to have swayed anyone and health care has a long way to go before it benefits Americans. If only we had a super comprehensive plan that just needs a little bit of tweaking to perfect…if only…

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Watch Paul Ryan fail:

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