North Korean Nuclear Threat Sends Trump Into A Twitter Battle…Against China…For Some Reason

After North Korea’s Kim Jong Un made a direct threat against the United States, Donald Trump reacted. On Twitter. Like a petulant teenager. He once again took it upon himself to hold a foreign policy discussion with the entire world in under 140 characters:

Well…Hooray. Of course it won’t happen. Even if North Korea manages to build a successful missile it would be just that — a successful missile. We have the defensive capabilities to thwart such a lackluster attack a thousand times over. Kim Jong Un is the international equivalent of the brat next door who likes to show off his toys but in the end has nothing worthwhile to contribute and should just be laughed at and ignored.

Alas…this is Lord Cheeto the Daft we’re talking about. Rather than treating the situation as just another cry for attention from Little Pyongyang Portly, Trump waited a little while and took to Twitter again, this time using the Trump formula to addressing an international incident: Take the country you’re having an issue with, add another country that is as of yet uninvolved, throw out a stupid insult and hope for the best.

Today’s special guest star is none other than Trump’s favorite clothing manufacturer, China:

What makes the tweet so interesting — and utterly ridiculous — is that as of yet China has said nothing about the new North Korean threat. Traditionally they have stayed out of Jong Un’s reindeer games, allowing a decades-old alliance between the two to become more of a Christmas card exchanging long distance relationship than an actual friendship. In April 2016, the Korea Times reported that Beijing had all but severed its ties with North Korea, citing their development of nuclear weapons as the deal-breaker that rendered their mutual assistance pact null and void.

So why is Trump tweeting that China refuses to help with North Korea? Because he either knows things we don’t, which is both likely and frightening, or he doesn’t understand that just standing down while the dictator they seem to now despise takes on the rest of the world is action enough.

In essence, Trump is an idiot.

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But…we knew that. Today’s events are a nice look into the future, however, where we’ll be able to see and predict the giant Oompa Loompa’s next move before the Joint Chiefs will, because to our new giant traffic cone of a leader, those 140 characters are far more important than diplomacy.

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