NRA Magazine Releases Adult Coloring Book For Ammosexuals

Adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular. What was once an activity thought to be for children is now something for people of all ages, and now, all interests.

Being the opportunists that they are, the NRA now has their very own adult coloring book:

I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anything more relaxing than sitting down with my crayons or colored pencils and soothingly coloring line drawings of guns and gun accessories.

The color options are nearly endless. You could select pencils with color names like black, gray, charcoal, iron, graphite, pewter, slate, gravel, lead, stone, black ice, nickel. . .

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How exciting and colorful!

The NRA American Rifleman magazine says this is more than just a coloring book, though. They say the book “seeks to inform as well as entertain.” See, who needs things like conceal carry classes and regulations on guns when clearly all the education needed is within an adult coloring book?

Great for all ages and just in time for the holiday season. Nothing spreads the peace and love of the holiday season quite like guns, or educational coloring books about guns.

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