Nutjob Christian Pastor: Get In The Way Of Trump And God Will Destroy You

Rick Joyner isn’t one of the most stable of the con artists that are running the show on the Religious Right, but he is one of the more vocal of them. And in a new video he posted to Facebook, he made a rather pronounced claim: if you get in the way of Donald Trump, God will destroy you.

Joyner, the head of MorningStar Ministries, made the post on Thursday and in it, he dismisses claims of a grand jury and subpoenas and such in favor of warning the world that if we went after Donald Trump, we would be earning God’s ire. And given the last time He got mad at us a volcano in Iceland erupted, some poor bastard in Yrgyz is about to have a bad way of it.

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“Trump isn’t going anywhere,” Joyner said. “Watch everybody fall who goes after him. Watch it.”

Oh, I will. But Joyner wasn’t done, not by a long shot:

“It’s because he has a divine purpose,” Joyner added. “God put him there and only God is going to be able to take him out. You watch what happens to everyone else who tries. Watch what happens to our Congress, watch what happens to Republicans who are obstructionist and devious in their methods too, who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the opposite. Watch what God does in these days.”

Kinda funny, isn’t it? It’s almost like God always agrees with what they want. But we all know that’s not how this works; they’d never put words in God’s mouth. Never ever.

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