Oh Boy: Bloomberg Is Going To Ruin Trump’s Big Debate Night With Newly Revealed Plan

There’s one advantage that Donald Trump has this election. Only one. It’s the combination of his deceitful nature and the lack of willpower in the media to fact-check him in any way.

This is all coming to an end and it’s happening tonight. Bloomberg TV is going to conduct on-screen fact checks of the statements made by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during their first debate. You can make the logical assertion that if this turns out like we all know it’s going to turn out, they will be doing it for every other debate as well because who won’t want to see Trump melt down live on national TV?

Hillary is going to be fine, so no biggie for us. Trump, however… well, do I really need to explain?

There has been a major push by progressives to get some serious fact checking done in the media for the final series of presidential debates. NBC’s Matt Lauer was completely lambasted by the public for his total softball approach to the Trump town hall he moderated, and rightfully so. He willfully allowed Trump to lie not only to his face, but to all of America and the world by extension.

Media outlets have been incredibly resistant to fact checking Trump this election cycle. Afraid to lose money and ratings, they let him get away with murder while constantly “asking the question” of why “everybody” calls Hillary untrustworthy.

Thankfully, Bloomberg is going to take some steps back towards the lost lands of actual journalism. Spokespeople for the major “news” networks have told POLITICO that on-screen fact checking would be too difficult for them to do in real-time, so they decided not to do it.

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Somehow, Bloomberg TV — who isn’t even a “major” news source like CNN, for example, solved this dilemma. Consider that this new fact-check campaign has only really been going strong for a couple of weeks. The major networks aren’t being truthful about why they “can’t” do it.

I’ll be watching on Bloomberg TV. Will you?

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