Man Fires AR-15 Into Neighbor’s Bedroom – Was Trying To Kill ‘Zombie’ He Thought He Saw

Ryan Stanislaw is your average American “gun enthusiast.” He has his own AR-15 — because of course he does — and he only uses his gun for “defensive” reasons because if he doesn’t protect everyone in his neighborhood who else will? It’s not like they have cops in a U.S. city like North Saint Paul, Minnesota. Right?

He’s also a zombie hunter. That’s not a joke; he really hunts zombies. At least that’s what he told the cops when they showed up after he blasted the window out of a neighbor’s bedroom in what turned out to be the worst version of an alarm clock in the northern hemisphere.

The homeowner was sleeping at the time when he was awakened by the sounds of gunshots and breaking glass. He quickly called the cops. When authorities arrived, they found Stanislaw walking through the area with the rifle slung on his back.

Stanislaw told authorities “I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe. I didn’t see the cops so I figured I’d do something.” That’s when he told police he was shooting at a zombie that he saw up the road. He didn’t explain why he neglected to call the cops about the zombie.

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Stanislaw had previously been convicted of making terroristic threats and is not allowed to possess a firearm, so of course he had access to an AR-15, because America! His mother claims that Stanislaw does not have a history of mental illness. Something says that may change.

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