One Incredibly Ignorant Tweet Proves That Racism Is Alive And Well In America

As this bizarre election cycle heads into the home stretch, the issue of race relations in America has become almost all-consuming. Add the shootings of two black men in Tulsa and Charlotte by police and the fuse to the powder keg is remarkably short.

As the left contends that systemic institutional racism is alive and well in this country, the right fires back with Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. quotes to prove that it’s not. While liberals decry the shooting of unarmed black men as evidence of the violence and oppression inherent in the system, conservatives write it off not as black men being killed but rather as “thugs” getting what they deserve for “non-compliance.”

One of the favorite pastimes of the modern conservative is to forget the due process afforded to all Americans under the constitution and instead convict them with their past records. Forgetting that institutional racism extends into police departments and court systems, making young black men more susceptible to arrest and conviction, we know about every instance of driving without a license, resisting arrest and jaywalking ever perpetrated by every black man ever shot and killed by police.

Today, while looking through a Twitter feed at a Fox News report about Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby being charged with manslaughter for killing a man with his hands in the air, I came across a tweet that shows that racism is without a doubt alive and well in America:

Once again, conservatives feel the need to point out that the police officer who killed a man shouldn’t be held accountable because he was a very, very bad person. There’s only one problem here: the tweeted information is about the man killed in Charlotte, not Terence Crutcher, who was killed by the officer in question. My response was as simple as I could possibly make it:

Terence Crutcher being judged on the criminal record of Kieth Lamont Scott isn’t really that surprising, is it? What’s far less surprising is that nobody bothered to mention the mistake. That’s because my response was accurate. To the conservative racist, It makes no difference which black man was convicted of which crimes or that they were two different individuals separated by a dozen states who had never met. “They” are all the same.

How fitting is it that her handle is “@VOTE_TRUMP_” Because…of course it is.

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