Oppressed White People In Texas Bravely Hold ‘White Lives Matter’ Protest To Fight For Their Rights

Oh for shit’s sake, we are reaching defcon 5 levels of idiocy at this point. Today, right this very second as of this writing, and likely for many hours more, a protest is taking place after an unveiling ceremony for a African-American memorial at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Texas Monthly reported on the event, saying:

The Texas African-American History Memorial will officially be unveiled at ten in the morning on Saturday with a barbecue open to the public to celebrate afterward.

The travesty! Annnddd, they’re having barbecue?

This action has caused a group of really angry white people who have had it with being oppressed in the lone star state to take to the streets.

Ken Reed, organizer of the “White Lives Matter” rally said the group wasn’t aware of the monument unveiling when they scheduled the rally. (*whispers* Yeah, right.)

What? White racists are ignorant to something pertaining to the oppression of minorities in their state? Say it ain’t so.

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They say they are protesting hate crime laws because when a white person lynches a black man it’s considered a hate crime. No, really, that’s what they they are protesting.

We feel that the hate crime law is unfairly and unjustly applied to white folk, white people, as opposed to minorities. We’re asking for equal application of the law.

Perhaps while they are at the new monument, they can take in a quick history lesson. It’s obvious they need it.

Watch the video here of the protest. (This is a live stream and may contain graphic language.)

By the way, the Texas African American History Memorial monument was created to “honor African American Texans and their contributions” to Texas. The sculpture is of a timeline of the African American experience from the first slave stepping on Texas land through emancipation and the post-slavery experience.

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