Out Of 10 People, Guess Who Won’t Be Losing Healthcare Under Trumpcare 2.0

Trumpcare 2.0 is flourishing people, at least for the hard right Freedom Caucus. Not happy with the original gutting of the ACA, the Bleedem’ dry Blockass has manipulated a way into an even more diabolical healthcare plan, although you may want to omit the term “care” after you see this. A new amendment to the proposed plan this week ensures that protections for preexisting conditions would be slashed from any new plans. While insurance companies still won’t be able to deny those with preexisting conditions, states could now sell healthcare plans that would be devoid of those protections, allowing premiums to skyrocket. That’s right the poorest and most sick Americans will once again be fleeced and it’s all thanks to the tangerine blemish and Paul “spineless” Ryan bending over for the Freedom Caucus.

Hold on, I have this one. Aerosmith…right?

Well, Biden does have a soul, so there’s that.

Oh, I’m sure Ryan has several co-morbid conditions related to his spinal syndrome.

Give it a few hours, it’s not 3 a.m. yet.

Never fear though, congress wants to make sure that not everyone will be laying on the guillotine block under Lumpcare 2.0. In fact the new act is so vicious, congress in their ever so benevolent way have made sure those with the lowest level of empathy and basic humanity are saved. That’s right, congress itself would be exempt from the preexisting change. Once again, what’s good for the masses is far too awful for those the masses elect.

True, who else would be around to drown us in Trumpcare 3.o? Then again, we’d be past the 100 day mark. Would someone let Cheeto features know there’s over 1300 more of those things where the earth goes around the sun again?

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