Over Half Of Republicans Support Postponing The 2020 Presidential Election

One of the most damaging things Trump did in 2016 was to question the validity of our democracy. You probably remember most of his talking points: undocumented immigrants are voting, people are being bused, ooh, scary voter fraud, et cetera. It was the usual B.S. designed to appeal to white middle-class angst.

Well, now we’re looking at the results of that propaganda, and they aren’t pretty.

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According to a new poll, nearly half of Republicans (47%) feel Trump won the popular vote. Never mind that he lost by three million votes; almost 50% of Republicans think he won, presumably because they believe the rest of the country is as ideologically blinkered as they are.

More frightening, however, is the revelation that 52% of Republicans would support postponing the 2020 president election until they could ensure that only eligible American citizens can vote. Furthermore, 56% said they would support it if Donald Trump and Congress were both behind it.

To be clear, there isn’t a constitutional mechanism in place for postponing elections. Furthermore, these same Republicans would be up in arms if a Democrat tried it — as would many Democrats. I mean, remember when they were terrified that Obama was going to postpone the election?

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Doing this would require martial law and the removal or banning of civil rights. If you want to see what the beginning of the next civil war might look like, here it is.

If you aren’t scared of these results, you aren’t paying attention. Get out and vote in 2018. Get the Republicans out of office. Otherwise, you may never get another chance to vote again.

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