The San Diego Padres Humiliated A Gay Men’s Chorus And Their Bigoted Fans Love Them For It (VIDEO)

A volunteer singing group of more than 100 people was prepared to sing the national anthem for the San Diego Padres Sunday only to be humiliated publicly by the team and their fans. Before the group could start singing, the Padres played a recording of a woman singing the anthem over the loudspeakers. The team made no attempt to fix the issue, allowing the anthem to be piped into the stands while the men on the field stood helplessly, looking embarrassed and frustrated.

Why would the Padres do such a thing? Because the singers who volunteered their time and talent to the people of their city were the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, and bigots are assholes. The team later released a couple of sentences of apology and agreed to meet with LGBT leaders to discuss their insensitivity, because that’s what happens in America when you get caught being ignorant and you have to save face with the public.

If the people of San Diego have any kind of scruples, the next Padres game will be played in an empty stadium. There’s little hope of that, however, since the fans were shouting things like “you sing like a girl” at the men as they were being escorted off the field. The entire episode is an indicator that bigotry is still an incredibly serious problem, even in cities and states that we call blue.

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