Painfully Stupid Right Wing Blogger Accuses Facebook Of Rigging Election Against Trump

I don’t personally know Thomas Dillingham, but I know plenty of folks just like him. He’s a political duck; calm and alert on the surface — but furiously churning the water and kicking up mud down below. Dillingham just wrote an “open letter” to Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that a new Facebook ban on clickbait headlines could be detrimental to Donald Trump’s chances at winning the White House.

Why? Because without deceptive and misleading Facebook posts which lead to misinformation or political propaganda, “everyday people would be silenced by big media.” Trust me, I considered this an example of Poe’s law (absent intent, a parody may easily be mistaken for honest opinion). Having said that, this former Marine (Semper Fi!) seems determined in his belief that Facebook alone “allowed the man in the whitehouse (sic) to be re-elected.” Happy to help, Tom.

I could fill volumes on ways capitalism has tarnished the Facebook experience (for example, only 1 in 10 of the people who “like” my page will see this post — unless I pay Zuckerberg to “promote” it). But the power and reach of Facebook, according to Mr. Dillingham, “is responsible for Obama and the mess his Globalist Crony Capitalists and Socialists have made,” which makes Zuckerberg “a Globalist Elite Puppet who enjoys his power given him by the American Dream.” Unnecessary Capitalization is Fun!

Unbeknownst to me, the current administration has replaced the three branches of government with one which “operates under the guise of religion” […] inspired by “a manifesto from a man who murdered, raped and pillaged his way across Arabia in the seventh century.” Dillingham wants — no, demands — that Zuckerberg “Stop, in the name of Free Speech, Freedom of expression, and our Constitution.”

He accuses Zuckerberg of siding with the “Thought Police” and asks (with a straight face), “What gives you the right to use your power to police what people share?” He’s the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Facebook, genius — that’s what “gives [him] the right.”

Freedom of speech is central to Dillingham’s argument, because “Donald Trump supporters rely heavily on Facebook to drive their message.” Absent unrestricted freedom to post false or misleading headlines, apparently, their hopes might be dashed against the rocks. Any change which restricts clickbait headlines is killing the “American Dream you now stand to strip from our children.”

Look, if I see fewer “You Won’t Believe” or “Shocking New” headlines in my newsfeed, it just means I’ll get more “Sponsored” content (pro-tip, Zuckerberg — I’m never going to contribute to the RNC, so please stop asking). It’s not that Zuckerberg “does not trust the judgement of the American People!” It’s an honest attempt to limit the influence of the scam and spam artists who prey on the public. Ya’ know — people like Trump (evidently, Dillingham earned his degree in Logic Studies from Trump University).

Mr. Dillingham winds up his impassioned plea in favor of Trump supporters’ freedom to mislead and deceive voters with an implied threat — because this is an “election that will literally end in with (sic) positive change for all Americans, or civil war.” Literally? Yes, “literally.” That, according to Dillingham, is “Simple Truth!” Simple? Why, yes — yes, it is. Truth? Not even close.

You’re welcome.

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