Passive Aggressive Much? Paul Ryan Has Some…Ahem…Advice For Mike Pence Before Debate (TWEET)

It was almost exactly four years ago that Paul Ryan got to sit down at a table and have a debate with incumbent Vice-President Joe Biden. What happened that night is the stuff of legends.

Ryan, the epitome of the GOP party line robot, squared off with a man who within minutes had him visibly shaken and looking like a deer caught in the headlights. If you watched that debate unfold you remember fondly that as Biden brushed off each and every one of Ryan’s so-called arguments and literally laughed in his face on several occasions.

One of the best moments was Ryan, trying to look like he could keep up, forcing himself to maintain eye contact while he drank water, probably to calm his nerves, while Biden mopped the floor with him. It was truly just glorious to watch. Ryan was reduced to looking like a freshman trying out for Varsity football.

Less than an hour before the current VP candidates were set to take the debate stage for their first and only meeting, Ryan tweeted out that famous image of him stuck min Biden’s headlights with a passive-aggressive caption that shows he may not be as behind the whole Trump/Pence campaign after all:

An interesting way to “support” a candidate. The question is, which one?

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