Paul Ryan Gets A Well-Deserved Spanking For Telling A Lie Even Trump Would Be Proud Of

Paul Ryan has taken the art of lying to the American people to the level of Trumptastic. The only problem is, when Trump tells a lie, nobody seems to notice. Ryan, on the other hand, is still deemed unfavorable to Trump supporters, so he doesn’t have the kind of backup Trump does when his pants are on fire.

Ryan’s latest is a doozy. Not only did he lie and take credit for something Bill Clinton did in 1996, strengthened by Obama’s policies to dig us out of recession, he offered nothing to back it up, leaving the door open for a Ryan bashing party the likes of which we haven’t seen since Trump stole the Republican spotlights:

Hmmm…Let’s see. Before we get into a slew of people ripping his head off, let’s take a look at the claim and examine the facts, since Ryan offered none.

Welfare reform that required work requirements was Bill Clinton’s baby in 1996. By instituting limits on payments and work requirements, he ended the era of unlimited benefits and made welfare a second chance, not a way of life. With maximum payouts and a requirement for recipients to engage in work or community service, Clinton forever changed the landscape of welfare.

There was still work to be done, though, and that work definitely didn’t come at the hands of Paul Ryan or the Republicans. In order to help Americans hit the hardest by Dubya’s recession, President Obama moved to suspend work requirements temporarily, and upon their restoration, added job training as an acceptable alternative. It’s one thing to kick a mom off of benefits, forcing her to take whatever job she can get to feed her kids; it’s another thing altogether to allow her to train for a job that will pay a better wage, giving her an actual chance to move forward.

Unfortunately, the program was only going to be a real success if a living wage were actually something feasible, but when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, all hope of that happening went out the window. Minimum wage bills were destined for the trash bin along with anything else that might directly affect the bottom lines of their corporate masters.

So what, exactly did Paul Ryan, the GOP and their stupid #BetterWay campaign do? They ensured that those single moms would be doomed to make $8 per hour instead of the $12 the Democrats hoped for at those second tier jobs they were training for. Rather than working 40 hours and being able to raise their children with little to no assistance, they are now doomed to work their first job at $8 for 31 hours to keep them under the benefit threshold — you can thank the GOP for keeping that legal — and their second job at minimum wage for another 18 hours a week that they get fired from the first time their child is sick and they need a day off.

So…Nothing. The GOP did nothing. Ryan did…nothing. They made things worse if anything, as usual.

And now for the glorious spanking Ryan is still getting on social media, because it’s not just liberal bloggers who have taken notice:

There’s a bunch more to see if you click Ryan’s original tweet. While there are a few people who have showed up in support — because Republicans believe all people receiving a benefit of any kind are just lazy moochers — they are far outnumbered but the critics who know better.

And then, of course, there’s this guy:

Because you aren’t allowed to go five inches in America without running into ultimate stupidity.

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