Paul Ryan Gets Served A Dose Of Reality About ‘Senseless Violence’ He Won’t Soon Forget

After the recent shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan put out yet another “we support our men and women in uniform” statement that was just as vanilla as the last. Completely forgetting that we’ve been thrown into a new era of violence by a century and a half of institutional racism compounded by the highly publicized murders of black men for such egregious crimes as selling loose cigarettes and driving with a broken tail light, Ryan went with the GOP status quo rather than even bothering to address the reality of the issue at hand.

One of the best liberal trolls on Facebook and a good friend of mine, Doomsday Jesus, saw this post by Ryan:


And responded with this little bit of brilliance:

doomsday jesus

Here’s the full text of DJ’s lesson in reality in case the image is too small for you to read:

You pandering jackass. It shows just how out of touch with the outside world you are that you can actually call this a “senseless attack on law enforcement” after the events of the last few weeks. This isn’t some random occurrence. This is the result of an entire sect of American citizenry being marginalized and preyed upon simply because of who they are. This is the result of that group of people standing up and saying “NO MORE!”, and the lashing out when that cry went unheard. It is the result of Freddie Gray, of Michael Brown, of John Crawford, of Philando Castile, of Tamir Rice, and of Alton Sterling.

This statement by you is just one more example, in a long line of them, about how you and the rest of your ilk in the GOP just don’t get it. You sit in your ivory tower and look at what’s happening in your country and go “Gosh! What’s gotten everyone so riled up?” I’ll tell you what’s gotten everyone so riled up: oblivious white people who think that thoughts and prayers are excuses for actually doing something, and who constantly toe the line of racism and bigotry. Time and again black people are executed by law enforcement and then blamed for getting in the way of the bullet that took their life. And reaction to every one of these instances is “Gee golly, I hope the police officer is ok.”

Just stop. Stop treating systemic racism with victim blaming. Stop courting the hate groups that people like your presumptive presidential nominee, Herr Trump, attracts. Stop insisting that racism is a relic of the past. Stop posting pictures of a room full of white, Republican interns and then wondering why everyone else is rolling their eyes. And stop acting shocked when “Whites Only” signs get put up at the RNC.

I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t know if you really are as racist as you seem, or if it’s just ignorance. But at some point it no longer matters as they become one in the same. You want this “senseless” violence to stop? Then fucking do something! Hold bad cops accountable when they murder innocent Americans! Take steps to get the weapons of war being used to raise the body count on both sides off of the streets! Stop treating the racist element in your party like a parent who refuses to discipline their child while they run amok in a restaurant! When this nation you claim to love so much is hurting like it has been do ANYTHING besides what you and the rest of the GOP always do: absolutely nothing.

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