Paul Ryan Killed An Energy Bill So House Republicans Could Make It To A Holiday Party

Awww, poor little douchnozzle Paul Ryan is getting some heat from a fellow Republican after he was just trying to be the nice guy. (Riiigghtt, Paul Ryan a “nice guy.” Ha!)

Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska has been “steaming for more than a week,” according to the Peninsula Clarion, after House Speaker Ryan dismissed the lame duck session before they had a chance to vote on the first federal energy reform package in nearly a decade: The Energy Policy Modernization Act.

Murkowski said in an interview:

The Speaker said ‘We’ve run out of time’ because they wanted to get on the party train.

Ryan and other House Republicans had a train to catch from Washington D.C. to New York City for a fundraiser/holiday party.

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The legislation package was actually a bipartisan effort and included not only domestic energy policy, which ensured things like federally recognizing hydropower as a renewable energy source to federal loans for states who deploy new and efficient energy systems.

Additionally, more than 50 individual bills had been tacked onto the package, including one that covered funding for fire mitigation and water management for Western states.

After working on the bill for nearly two years, Murkowski said, “Everything was sacrificed; so we will have to start all over.”

Yes, because a fellow Republican put a political party fundraiser ahead of his duties as an elected official. It’s amazing how efficient our government is when it’s being run by giant twatwaffles, is it not?

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