Paul Ryan’s ‘What Conservatism Means’ Is A 1-Minute Propaganda Film Hitler Would Be Proud Of (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan has been busy since the Republican National Convention pretending that there is no presidential election happening, focusing instead on selling the American people a pamphlet called “A Better Way” that is supposed to lay out how the GOP will change our lives for the better. It’s basically a few pages of talking points with zero actual plans to anything about anything that is designed to appeal to right-wing Christian zealots and morons who believe welfare is the problem with America and rich people are the answer.

As part of his little smear campaign against the reality that Republicans are nothing but little voting robots for Koch Industries and others like them, Ryan sent out a nifty little film that’s supposed to teach young people about what “conservatism” really is. Have a look and a good chuckle:

Let’s go to the scorecards on this little piece of pure fiction, shall we?

Conservatism means we want to conserve what is good. We want to conserve what is great.

That would be true if you believe that the past 30 some odd years of tax breaks for the rich and vilifying the poor while stealing from the Social Security trust fund at will, adding trillions in unfunded liability to the debt is good. So far it has resulted in an ever-increasing GDP with zero of the wealth going to the bottom 90 percent of Americans. Yes, Speaker Ryan. That’s just great.

We want to conserve those great principles –liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination.

Conservatives have hijacked “liberty” and “freedom” and adapted them to mean the liberty to be a Christian and the freedom to carry guns around in public. Anything else; any talk of other religions or sensible gun laws and they’re screaming revolution. “Free enterprise” means they want as much regulation as possible lifted so corporate America, because let’s face it, they don’t give a shit about small business owners, can employ people at slave wages, gouge prices, destroy the environment and pay fewer taxes, all while being able to openly discriminate as they see fit. “Self-determination” is meant to vilify those lazy poor people; blaming them for the situation American elites have caused through greed and socioeconomic isolation.

If you want to “lead” your life then you want to have a country founded on core principles that allow you to lead your life.

Exactly. Like the core principle that all men are created equal. Men. Christian men. White Christian men. White, heterosexual Christian men. Wealthy, white, heterosexual, Christian men. If you believe in that core principle, you belong to the Republican party. If you believe those are the people you need to lead you with empty promises, bullshit morals they don’t practice, hate, fear and rhetoric, you belong to their base. Sure, they’ll let you call yourselves Republicans, but when the next was starts you won’t get one of the cool buttons.

That’s what we believe in. And it’s animating, it’s optimistic, it’s hopeful and it’s inclusive because it applies equally to everybody.

Animating? It says, “go home and read your bible then call your grandfather who lived through the Great Depression and ask him what you’re doing wrong. Optimistic? The message from Republicans is that everything is horrible, we are weak and in constant danger and never mind all this recovery and growth you hear about, our country is on the precipice of death.

Optimistic? The message from Republicans is that everything is horrible, we are weak and in constant danger and never mind all this recovery and growth you hear about, our country is on the precipice of death.

Hopeful? Come on, Mr. Speaker…Do you even dictionary, bro? Hopeful isn’t something you can apply to a party who nominated a giant Oompa Loompa with rage problems to take over the nuclear codes from one of the greatest presidents of all time, promising to undo all of the progress we’ve made during his tenure.

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Inclusive? See the above paragraph about wealthy, white, heterosexual, Christian males and get back to us. The only reason you included “it applies equally to everybody” is because the idiots who vote for you clowns have managed to twist that “core principle” to condemn minorities for things like affirmative action and the BET awards into some kind of special treatment they don’t deserve.

The language is carefully crafted for the typical low-information buffoon who buys Republican crap because they think Isis lives in Tijuana summers in Montreal and Obama is a Kenyan Muslim communist. The entire video is absurd. It talks in circles and serves no purpose, much like the party it represents.

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