Police Refuse To Arrest Nice White Man Charged With Gun Crimes After Toddler Is Shot

On Friday a toddler got her hands on her daddy’s unsecured, illegal handgun and shot herself in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The child was rushed to a Boston hospital with a gunshot wound to her hand and is expected to survive. Her father, a nice white Army veteran has now been charged with multiple crimes, including felonies. HOORAY! A parent is finally being held accountable for putting his child’s life in danger with his penis extensions, right? Well, kind of.

According to CBS Boston, Nicholas Jenner, 30, had several unlicensed weapons in the home, including a shotgun, rifle and the .40 caliber handgun that the child shot herself with. When questioned by police he said that he thought it was fine because the weapons were legal in the state he previously lived in. Apparently, he didn’t think he had to look up gun laws in his new state before he moved. Genius. Although Jenner was charged with reckless endangerment of a child, improper storage of a large capacity of a firearm near a minor, and unlawful possession of a firearm, he was not arrested.

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That’s right. This guy violated multiple weapons charges and his 3-year-old daughter is only alive because she shot herself in the hand and not the head, but he.wasn’t.arrested.

We chose to not arrest him,”  Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos said. “We knew that the weapons were all taken from the home. We know that the girl has been placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. So there’s really no danger factor. It’s also Christmastime, and he was very cooperative.

Well, gee golly, I had no idea that Christmas was a get out of jail free card! Man, I should have been committing ALL the crimes over the weekend!

What the feck?

Instead of being arrested like he should have been for committing felonies, Jenner will be allowed to walk free until a court sends him a summons to appear. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

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Where’s the NRA condemning this man? Where is the outrage from the right that this criminal is free? We live in a country where unarmed black Americans are regularly killed by police for scaring the cops with the melanin in their skin, but white Americans can walk around freely after almost getting a child killed and illegally possessing firearms.


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