Poor-Shaming Restaurant Owner And Tea Party ‘Patriot’ BUSTED Committing Welfare Fraud (VIDEO)

Hypocrisy alert! The hateful, welfare recipient-bashing owner of a quaint restaurant in Liverpool, New York has some ‘splainin to do.

Michael Tassone, who runs the self-described “anti-Obama” eatery American Diner in the suburb of Syracuse, and his wife were convicted of welfare fraud recently. Tassone is not just any anti-Obama Tea Partier, though. He really takes shaming poor folks and insulting our president to a whole new level.

With menu options like “The Dictator Obama special,” which is a serving of eggs and toast for $3.69 — with a tax of $27 — (hahahaha…hilarious) Tassone not only embraces the idiocy of Gadsden flag-waving “patriots” all across the country, he ostentatiously and unapologetically celebrates the stupid. So much so, that his establishment was even featured in a Fox “News” story last March (featured below).

According to Syracuse.com, Tassone:

…was sentenced May 5 to a one year conditional discharge after he pleaded guilty to offering a false instrument for filing, a misdemeanor.

Tassone paid $23,354 in restitution to the Onondaga County Department of Social Services as part of the disposition of the five-year-old case, Senior Assistant District Attorney Michael Kasmarek said.

He added:

It was Medicaid fraud. They had failed to disclose income on their application. As a result they obtained Medicaid benefits they weren’t entitled to, from May 1, 2009 to April 30, 2011.

Predictably, Tassone believes he is the victim of some nefarious government conspiracy. He told Syracuse.com, “Guys like me are a target. Because I speak the truth.”

If by “the truth” he means debunked Teabagger nonsense, I could not agree more.

Well, ain’t that something? A gun-toting, welfare-hating, Obama-bashing Tea Party “patriot” got busted for doing the very thing he supposedly despises. Can someone please pass the ketchup? It’s time for some freedumb fries!

Watch the Fox story on Mr. Patriotic American Welfare fraudster below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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