President Of France Completely DESTROYS Trump, Calls Foreign Policy ‘Vomit-Inducing’

It’s no state secret that the Trump campaign has gone from a dumpster fire to a bio-hazard level 3 radioactive wasteland and it may all be coming to an earth-shattering collapse.

In just 24 hours, the b*tchy orange mean girl insulted veterans and the family of a slain Muslim soldier, victims of sexual harassment, top Republican leaders, and kicked a freaking baby out of an event in one day. Forget Hurricane Earl! It’s actually Hurricane Donald. But if you think Donald Trump’s domestic policies will be a complete and utter disaster, then wait until you get a look at his foreign policy.

French President Francois Hollande really nailed Trump on foreign policy, saying at a press conference in Paris that comments like the insults Trump leveled at the Muslim parents of a fallen U.S. Army soldier this week are “excesses [that] make you want to wretch.”

Hollande’s France has faced numerous deadly attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists, but he’s wise enough to know that deliberately antagonizing a family of slain Muslim soldier is totally inappropriate. It should also be known that Hollande has taken major steps in wiping ISIS off the face of the earth.

But even if Trump thinks America allows other countries — including longtime allies —  to be on its plane, Hollande was apt to call this upcoming election one of global consequence.

Should the American people choose Trump, there will be consequences, because a U.S. election is a global election, he said. 

While China is slowly replacing America as the world’s greatest superpower, America is still one of the most powerful countries in the world. For America  to maintain its longstanding alliances while still protecting its interests here and abroad, voters must unequivocally reject Donald Trump in November.


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  • Vicki

    I am NO Trump supporter. I think he is an idiot. But for the author to insult Trump by calling him a ” bitchy orange mean “girl” is highly offensive to women.
    Call him what he is-a MAN.
    Yes. MEN act like this. You are part of the problem in society. Just watched a documentary on this type of stuff last night.
    Guess what? MEN can be bitches. MEN can be man-cunts. But don’t refer to him as a “girl.”
    Your article lost all credibility in the first paragraph.
    And BTW China will not take our place as a superpower. Not now. Not ever. The USA spends 3/4 of the budget on defense. China simply does not have that kind of money to spare. So you lost your cred on that too.

    Is Trumo a dick? Yes. Will I vote for him? No.
    But get your facts straight.