Pro-Life Congressman: Why Should Men Have To Pay For Prenatal Care, We Aren’t Pregnant (VIDEO)

Every once in a while a Republicans says something so stupid it takes my breath away. Admittedly I didn’t think it was possible anymore since Lord Cheeto is squatting in the Oval Office and we all know what a moron he is–but then Congressman John Shimkus came into our lives.

During a session of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Democratic Rep. Michael Doyle asked Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) to explain what he meant when he claimed health premiums in his state were “skyrocketing” due to the ACA’s mandates.

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“What mandate in the Obamacare bill does he take issue with?” Doyle asked. “Certainly not with pre-existing conditions, or caps on benefits or letting your child stay on the policy until 26, so I’m curious what is it we’re mandating?”

That’s when Rep. Shimkus announced to the country that he was in a race with Donald Trump for the title of “Biggest Moron Alive”:

What about men having to purchase prenatal care? Is that not correct? And should they?


First of all, the Affordable Care Act does not require men to buy prenatal care. It is included in the policies offered, but there is no mandate that says,”Every man in America must purchase prenatal insurance.” That’s not happening.

Furthermore, last I checked women weren’t getting themselves pregnant. So maternity care should, in fact, be included in policies since more than half of the population are women and the other half is providing us with the daddy juice. But what do I know?

Finally, it is soooooo funny to hear a “pro-life” Republican moan about the care that is vital to a baby’s development. I thought this dimwit was supposed to care about the “innocents” — but I guess his pro-life philosophy only applies when he doesn’t have to help the babies he wants to force into the world.


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