Pro-Trump Immigrant Lesbian B-List Actress Gives Nazi Salute At White Supremacist Conference

When it comes to people who have an unstable self-image, they don’t get much more unstable than Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, better known by her nom de baisage as “Tila Tequila.” This is a woman who’s made a name for herself being a social media personality and a pretty face, much like Kim Kardashian, with the noted exception, as far as I can tell, being that Kim Kardashian is a better human being.

And I say that in full sincerity; Kardashian is a much better person than Nguyen could ever hope to be, and for evidence, I present you with this picture:

captureThe event was hosted by Richard Spencer, who, you’ll remember is all about rebranding that White Supremacism so it’s, you know, obvious. They’ve been trying for ages with politically correct buzzwords like “Cultural Marxism” and the most recent addition, “Globalism,” all of which can be translated as “Jew” without losing the inherent meaning.

Since Trump was elected, though, they can drop the buzzwords entirely. Trump’s election has emboldened white supremacists and Neo-Nazis to the point where they don’t need them anymore.

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I’d like to call special attention to the Vietnamese woman in the room, though. It may surprise a lot of people to know this, But Nguyen is massively Antisemitic. She’s been trending this way for years, but this year was the first year that she came out in favor of it.

For instance, she declared that she wanted to be the “Asian version of Adolf Hitler” and told Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro that he should be “gassed and sent back to Israel.” She also stated that she would give her life to end the “Zionist” menace.

Hell, this woman even published a Facebook manifesto called, “Why I Sympathize with Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled.” That and the posting of her in a Nazi costume got her kicked chased off Facebook by her own fans.

Naturally, she accompanied this picture with her own commentary:

Now, if you noticed the irony of a bisexual woman being a Nazi, congratulations, you know about history. And if you know that, you probably know more about spelling than she does, too.

Of course, this didn’t go without the Twitter commentary that accompanies such acts of public stupidity:

I think the most depressing thing about all this is that America voted for this. A full 25% of the population — the 25% that are stupid enough to believe anything — put people who think like this woman in office. I started off by noting that Kim Kardashian is a better person than Nguyen, but honestly, if I were forced to pick reality TV stars for president, I’d rather have Kardashian instead of Trump. I think she’d be more competent, and I know for a fact she’d be a better person.

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