Rabid Right-Wingers Foam At The Mouth Over Photo They Think ‘Proves’ Trump Is Better Than Obama (IMAGES)

Did you know that Cheeto is the best worker ever? I mean his tremendous at working. A bigly worker who works super hard and stuff. And Obama was terrible. I mean, of course, right? Black people are always just sooooo lazy. Well, that’s what Trumpers think anyway and they can prove it with this totally well thought-out comparative photo:

Guys, look at all that stuff on Trump’s desk! Obviously the bigliest hard worker on the face of the planet. And do you see that lazy Obummer’s desk? THERE IS NOTHING ON IT. None of the lawsuits and coloring books that Cheeto has littering his desk. My God, he just never worked. I know “Dr.” Lynn J. Anderson’s Twitter followers think so, let’s all look at their beautiful deductive reasoning skills displayed below the shocking photo:

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Obviously more papers on desk=better president. Look at some of these other lazy ass presidents just scumbagging it up in the Oval:

Where the f*ck are your papers, you lazy bastard?!
Are those books on his desk?! What a monster! Like he has time for leisurely reading. WTF?!
Wow! Not only does he not have papers on his desk, he is starring in a reality t.v. show of some sort!

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You know who wasn’t lazy AF and worked just as hard as Cheeto?

That’s right. Nixon.


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