Rabid Trump Fans React To Fake News Story In A Way That Would Make Hitler Proud

Oh America, how can we possibly survive with all of these stupid people?

A satirical site called “The Resistance: The Last Line Of Defense” basically pokes fun of the stupidity of the right-wing. Of course, the right-wingers aren’t quite clued into that fact, so they 1.) believe the stories posted there to be true and 2.) leave their hateful comments for all the world to see.

Yesterday, the site published a story that said the Obama Administration had forced silence five times a day to appease praying Muslims working or visiting the White House for the last seven years. In addition to the silence orders, “prayer rugs and crescent moon symbols are available in several areas of the executive mansion to make Muslims feel comfortable.”

The headline yesterday said that Trump ORDERED Obama to stop this (completely made-up) tradition. Of course, the knuckle-draggers who follow the site cheered and rejoiced at Trump’s orders. Never mind the fact that it never happened  and the president-elect cannot order a sitting president to do anything.

But, facts, schmacts!

The comments section is full of ignorant assholes spouting off hateful rhetoric about Muslims while clinging to their “Christian values.”

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During Trump’s campaign, many people brought up parallels between his campaign and the rise of Hitler. These comments only provide even more evidence that Trump’s movement is very much like that of Nazi Germany.

These people just can’t hide their hatred anymore. They don’t even attempt to do so.

They want ban on all Muslims in governmental positions. You know who else did that immediately after taking power?

In 1933 prewar Germany, the first major law passed was the “Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service.” It was used to restrict Jews from state service. Laws were then passed to limit the number of Jewish students in schools.

Further legislation was passed to stop “Jewish activity” in medial and legal fields.

Now, while these are simply comments on a satirical story which has absolutely zero facts within it – the reaction is very much a real reaction. And, that is scary as hell.

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