Rachel Maddow Mocking Fox News For Tinfoil Hat Clinton Coverage Wins Today’s Media War (VIDEO)

Fox News has always been ridiculous. It’s not a secret. No matter what the story, Fox will put a right-wing spin on it and package it for sale to the ignorant. It’s what they do.

This time, however, even Fox has gone too far. Fringe right pages have pulled a stupid theory out of their collective asses accusing Hillary Clinton of being in the midst of a health crisis and unfit to serve. Their proof is a set of faked documents from her doctor and an MRI tweeted from some anonymous account that has since been deleted. The theory, which took all of 14 seconds to debunk, has, nonetheless, spun its way up through the ranks of right-wing media, landing on the front page of The Drudge Report and ultimately on Fox News.

Rachel Maddow had a field day calling them out:

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At this rate it won’t be long before Fox announces a new primetime news hour starring Alex Jones and Katrina Pierson.

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