Racist Conservatives Are Attacking Malia Obama For Having Fun With Her Friends

Malia Obama went to Lollapalooza recently with her friends instead of attending the Democratic National Convention. Shes 18 and that’s what young people do so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

She wasn’t drunk, wasn’t taking drugs and wasn’t photographed falling down intoxicated or doing other unsavory or inappropriate things. That didn’t matter, because people are absolutely outraged that she was enjoying her life as much as is possible for the daughter of a U.S. president.

Here’s a few pictures of her in the crowd doing nothing other than having a good time.

Conservatives, though, are pissed off at the thought of her doing something no different from millions of their own young sons or daughters do all the time, even though she set the example of exactly how to have some wholesome and respectable fun at a concert.

Some people started complaining on social media that she’s incurring “costs” to taxpayers for her secret service detail. Others were acting offended at the idea she wasn’t present to support “women’s history being made.” As if conservatives give a crap about women’s history. Please …

But then that wasn’t enough. No, people also started with the racist and personal attacks against her, because how dare a black teenager have fun at a concert? Apparently that’s only for white people’s kids.

Articles like this started popping up on the internet not long after Malia was spotted on social media.

malia obama lollapalooza

I’m no expert on twerking, but I saw the video of this and it certainly was the smallest 3 second “twerk,” that’s ever existed. Here’s a news flash, she’s an 18-year-old girl out with friends at a concert and conservative America is not her damned parent.

The sad thing is that no matter what they do, and no matter how good a couple of kids the Obama girls are, all conservatives see is their skin color.

Here’s a few Facebook responses to the article in question.





It wasn’t confined to pure racism. They moved on to slut shaming both her and her mother.





Do you remember the George W Bush Daughters? What was the conservative reaction to this?

Jenna Bush falling down drunk in public.


Then there was all that underage drinking that both Bush daughters were caught doing. I tried googling to find Republican reactions to it but couldn’t find any. Granted this was a while ago but the internet did exist at that time. Do you think 10 years from now the treatment Malia and Sasha got at the hands of Republicans online will disappear? Of course it won’t. Conservatives simply did not care, because the Bush girls were “children” even though they were adults at the time.

It’s amazing the difference that skin color can make when it comes to conservative standards of decency. This is just more proof that Barack and Michelle are two amazing parents that raised two good daughters into strong women. These girls have been enduring this kind of online bullying for years now, and they turned out to be an example worthy of any young person’s aspirations.


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  • Margaret

    My daughters never lifter their skirt to show off their underwear in order to have fun!!

  • MobileTechy

    Those silly hillbilly’s .. they are all a bunch of low life, white bread eating, uneducated vanilla gorillas and they need to STFU .. they need to learn what it is to be a real main stream America .. not the two-bit shyt their hillbilly parents subjected them to .. js

  • JDobbins

    That photo of Malia Obama was obviously doctored or photoshopped….too bad those ignorant racist idiots let their hatred and jealousy cloud their eyesight and judgement….also too bad the definition of Incest was never explained to their mothers… (Having sex with your brother causes the birth of completely stupid, wildly racist, inbred “Drumpf” trolls!