Racist Conservatives Are Attacking Michelle Obama For Looking Classy In A Magazine (SCREENSHOTS)

As usual, Michelle Obama can’t do anything without conservative America’s racist underbelly showing up to try and remind her of “where her proper place is.” It doesn’t matter what it’s about. They just have to be a bunch of cry babies who can’t stand the thought of a black woman being treated with as much respect as your average regular white woman, let alone the First Lady of the United States.

Michelle recently posed for a picture that published in InStyle magazine. You can see the actual picture below. Sadly, the right wing has soiled it with their hatred, bigotry, and wild ignorance into an internet meme meant to insult her.


Speaking of the picture alone, Michelle shows strength, class, and beauty. She’s such an example for everyone, displaying nothing but grace after what’s probably been the most taxing, stressful, and publicly scrutinized 8 years of her life.  Add in unbridled hate, bullying, and shaming by half the nation for those same 8 years and I think anyone could wish they would come out looking this good.

And that is where right-wing racists and small, hateful conservatives come into the story. It would almost be funny, were it not for the racism and bigotry, when you consider how objectively stupid their comments are. It’s so ridiculous that you just hat to see it to understand. How are they so dumb, yet they can figure out how to use Facebook? I never can quite figure that part out.

Here’s a few comments from “the superior race”:

Always with the Primate references. Tell me again how they aren’t racist.


Raymond here seems upset that Michelle isn’t a more attractive man. What is it you’re trying to tell us, Raymond?


Poor, clueless Marjorie. “Make up doesn’t make you a good person. Melania will be great.” — Apparently she never looked at all the makeup Melania wears.

The gold star internet award for conservative stupidity, though, goes to Jeff Hunter for his second comment in this thread.

Racism died somewhere between Jeff’s first comment and his second one, apparently.

That isn’t even 1/10th of the vile comments. This is the party that SWEARS they are not racist, just like Jeff did. They aren’t racist because they work with a black guy! They aren’t bigoted, they’re just following the Bible! Whatever…whatever.

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