The British Racists Who Marched On Her City Did Not Expect THIS Bada$$ Response (IMAGES)

It’s not exactly news that the US is facing some of the worst racism, xenophobia and anti ethnicism in recent history. After all Lord Cheeto Breath has a rare talent for tapping into people’s fears and handily pointing his mini digits at anyone that isn’t white, Christian or male. So it really shouldn’t be all that surprising that many of our global neighbors and allies are facing similar situations.

No exception, Britain has been dealing with its own xenophobic fallout after Brexit.

Around 100 acne arsed scum bags, from the EDL (English Defense League) took to the streets of Birmingham this weekend, only to be met with, well….a Tea Party and immense bemusement from the locals. The local mosque held a tea party with a showing of over 300, and the racist plebs littering Birmingham’s streets were met with locals that quietly, and deliberately smiled them down, with hands in their pockets. Saffiyah Khan was snapped by a press association photographer staring/smiling down an EDL marcher.

Khan had come to the march to make sure no one of color or obvious religious identity was being harassed. When Khan stepped in to stand up for a Hijab wearing woman, she suddenly found she herself was surrounded by two dozen of the cretins. Hands firmly in her pockets, Khan’s bemused grin just captures the sheer brilliance of how to handle these racist thugs — by standing tall — to see them for what they are; cowards who are only brave in a crowd of their fellow miscreants.

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I don’t like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town, she said.

Maybe it’s not that easy to face off greasy faced racism, and puss-filled bigotry, but I know Saffiyah Khan certainly makes it seem easy.

Oh, and the Tea Party went off just splendidly.

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