Red Cross: Sorry About That Super-Racist Pool Safety Poster (IMAGE)

The Red Cross put out a poster of kids misbehaving at the pool. People noticed something a little…off.

The Red Cross has been caught in what conservatives are calling a “real depiction” of how things are at the community pool. The truth is that most of the racists who believe this is how it is at the community pool have never been to a community pool, or the community they live in is predominantly white. Kids play. Kids break rules. Kids need to be reminded that there are boundaries. Kids don’t, however, need to be taught that only the kids with dark skin are the “not-cool” kids, as this blatantly racist poster seems to be pointing out:

not cool poster

Only the white kids are “cool” and the “not cool” kids all seem to have similar, darker skinned similarities. The Poster, which appeared on the Red Cross website, was quickly removed after someone on Twitter pointed it out:

not cool poster

The Red Cross has apologized and is seeking alternate artwork. Kudos for the quick action, but someone needs to have a talk with the artist. Who wants to wager he or she is a Donald Trump supporter?

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