Relatives of JFK Remind Republcians – Political Assassination Is NOT A Joke

The new Republican go-to attack for 2016 is now to threaten political opponents, primarily Hillary Clinton, with assassination. Donald Trump advocated for it as punishment if she beats him in the election, by suggesting that “Second Amendment people” can stop her from appointing Supreme Court judges if she wins in November.

The entire Republican party, except for maybe one or two oddballs from the bunch, defended his remarks. They said he didn’t REALLY mean to kill her, even though that’s the only way you can logically interpret what he meant. So with that in mind, the relatives of both John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy — both slain by assassins during the height of their political careers — came out in a scathing rebuke of Trump and the party supporting his statements.

John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed. Martin Luther King was shot and killed. They were all forces for change against the “America” that conservatives wanted to keep in place, and they all died because of it. Barack Obama is the most threatened president in U.S. history. Political assassination is a legacy of American governance, and it’s not a thing to be used as an avenue to deliver campaign rhetoric.

Republicans tried to spin it, instead of denounce it. They said Trump meant it “sarcastically.” They’re all lying. Donald doesn’t care about other people. If Hillary got shot, he wouldn’t care. If she died days after inauguration he’d act like it was no big deal. He wouldn’t see his responsibility for it. That’s the problem. It isn’t a freaking joke. It isn’t someone else’s fault that she died, if he’s the one that said they should kill her.

We have cases of political leaders arranging the assassination of rivals. Vladimir Putin does it. I know that conservatives have a weird bromance with Putin while simultaneously hating him, but that would quite literally be the equivalent of what we’d have as a leader if this sort of rhetoric became acceptable.

Now we have a presidential candidate advocating for the death of his political rival AFTER she’s elected. It isn’t even about winning for him anymore. It’s about punishing a woman for being better than him. And what makes it all worse is that an entire political party is embracing it, rather than rebuking it.

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