Right-Wing Hypocrisy: GOPers P*ssed That Liberals Haven’t Left USA Yet, Forget 2012 Election

Who remembers when Republicans were freaking out because President Barack Obama won his second term (or hell, his first for that matter)? Who remembers their threats to vacate the United States and move to foreign lands? We all do, but apparently, as with most things, conservatives have forgotten their own belly aching.

Conservative bullshit promoter The Blaze ran a story yesterday calling out Hollywood celebrities who said they would leave if Trump won, but haven’t. Because you know, all of their conservative cronies jumped ship when they said they would.

Rush Limbaugh promised to move to Costa Rica if the Affordable Care Act passed and became law. Funnily enough, he’s still here.

Ted Nugent, said he would either die or go to jail if Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama. His promise also went unfulfilled.

Even recently, Bill O’Reilly threatened to move to Ireland if Bernie Sanders was elected. That alone should have pushed the populace to choose Sanders, since things like income inequality and you know, saving the world wasn’t enough motivation.

Funnily enough, they are all still here.

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Now that the orange Messiah has come to save them all, they are scoffing at those on the liberal side of the fence who vowed to get in touch with their nomadic side and leave the United States if Trump was elected. Just as the conservatives did.

Because guess what, people sometimes talk in hyperbole. Everyone should know this by now.

They listed off a long line of celebrities who had made reference to moving during Trump’s campaign run. Some of those included people like Bryan Cranston, Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and Barbra Streisand.

So, let’s take a walk down memory lane to look at some of those Republican voters who said they were moving out of the United States after President Obama was reelected. Unfortunately, they didn’t hold true to their promise, if they had, we may not be facing the impending doom that is President Donald J. Trump.

Most of those ready to make a mass exodus from the states were heading to Australia, for which they were clearly very confused considering Australia’s policy on gun ownership (illegal), atheist president, and national healthcare system. But, they are conservatives, facts, schmacts.

Funnily enough, she had the exact same thought from what we can assume was her home in the United States four years later as she cheered on Lord Cheeto. . .

This guy was also still in the United States celebrating the “Victory for President Trump!” Huh? Strange.

He was still around casting his vote in the 2016 Presidential Election and based upon his Twitter feed, he voted for Trump.

And, this guy, too. . .


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