This Republican Is Calling For Another ‘Kent State’ To Put A Stop To Protesters

Remember when tragedies were tragedies and we learned from them and tried to do better the next time? See, there used to be a time when four unarmed college students being gunned down and nine others wounded by our National Guard was a really bad thing.

But to one Republican, that must be when he thinks America was “great” and he wants to see lethal use of force fired randomly into crowds of student protesters once more.

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Meet Dan Adamini, Secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party in Michigan. Adamini thinks students protest (and riot, which also happened in Kent State) because they aren’t afraid of dying and he would like to see that view fixed.

The tweet has now been deleted after public outrage.

Adamini only has 163 followers on Twitter at the time of this publication. And he runs a podcast at

But there are thousands of responses from the left on his apology tweet:

But then Adamini made matters worse by inciting the left further:

That’s the sorry state of the Republican Party. The leader of the party, President Cheeto threatens to cut federal funding to a college that hosted Milo Yiannoupolous because the non-student antifa movement glommed onto a campus protest. Now, one wants a “Kent State” solution. I’m beginning to think that along with banning Muslims the party has also banned logic and critical thinking, too.

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