GOPer Who Says No One Will Die Without Healthcare Is Lucky ‘Evil’ Isn’t A Preexisting Condition

Fun fact, Republican style:

No one has ever died from lack of access to healthcare.

Or, so U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador said at his town hall meeting in Meridian, Idaho. Labrador, (and now I can’t look at my dog the same way again), is a staunch member of the Freedom Caucus, so his comment is hardly surprising. This is after all the same representative that coldly told a female constituent in a similar town hall in April, he didn’t believe healthcare is a right. I mean, at least he’s consistent, right? The latter may well be an opinion, but his fallacy that no one dies when they don’t have access to healthcare is a big, fat, festering boil of a lie. I mean, that thing pulsates. Clearly Labrador (sorry pooch, I just can’t right now), has forgotten all about the 2009 study before the ACA became law, said 45,000 people die annually from lack of health insurance. Did I say pulsate, that thing’s about to ‘splode.

Isn’t it bad enough the GOP has passed legislation that makes anyone with a preexisting condition priced out of the insurance market, now they’re saying no one could even die from not having access to healthcare? And don’t feed me the high-risk pool bullsh*t, it’s a known fact they don’t work; high risk pools put all the sick people in one pool thus driving up costs and premiums.

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Then there’s the fact that the current abomination that passed the House, only commits $8 billion to help states who ask for the waiver to opt out of the preexisting mandate in the AHCA. On paper $8 billion seems like a lot doesn’t it? Not when you take into account the total amount of money for high-risk pools for states to share, is a mammoth $138 billion. This puss filled abscess of an excuse for legislation is catapulting us back to pre-ACA days. No wonder the likes of Raul Labrador can’t control their inner rantings, he’s positively jizzing his pants at the idea of f*cking over anyone that has benefited from Obamacare. The most vocal being his own constituents on twitter.

And between now and 2018 they still enjoy the healthcare they plan to snatch from the rest of us.

Now, what kind of fake twisted Christian would he be if he didn’t do what evil Jesus would do?

No resuscitation for GOP in 2018. Bring….it….on!

Oh, you mean the one where on average, older people with lower incomes would be worse off under Trumpcare than under the ACA, yeah, that little gem hasn’t gone away either.

MAGA baby.

This is true face of the GOP, warts and all. Take a look, take a good look, time for an extreme makeover in 2018.

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