Republican Lawmaker Enters National Stage By Calling For Murder Of Hillary Clinton

Michael Folk, a previously unknown Republican lawmaker from West Virginia, decided that the time was right to bring himself to the national political stage this week. His method of entry was to call for the public execution by hanging of Hillary Clinton over Twitter. If 2016 has proven anything, it’s that Michael’s career will somehow benefit from this in a way that defies explanation.

You know this guy is truly an “alpha Republican” because he’s too stupid to attempt to delete the original tweet. It’s still there, getting loads of bad comments. A capture is below just in case he figures out how Twitter works.

The original tweet, as captured:


After getting a lot of blow-back on Twitter for his stupidity, Michael decided to do the Republican thing and double down by posting a second tweet reading, “Sorry I don’t mince words … read this story & watch this video & maybe you’ll understand.”

The article to which he posted a link is about the failed Republican witch hunt into Hillary’s email server that resulted in NOTHING wrong being discovered. It’s full of Republican bitching and bluster, but at the end they quote the FBI director who said that was no evidence of anything bad found during the investigation.

He posted an article that included a debunking of his whole reason for threatening Hillary. How the hell stupid can one person be?

The West VA Democratic Party has denounced the tweet promptly, calling Folks “unfit to serve.” That’s putting it mildly for sure. By the time Saturday morning came, you’d be thinking he would have come to his senses and backed down. Not a chance in hell …

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Saturday, Michael tweeted again saying “Hillary supporters are coming out of the woodwork this morning,” due to people bashing the hell out of him over his ridiculous comments. Some commenters aren’t even Hillary supporters, but they just hate the idea of Michael Folk being in their state’s government.

It just kept going from there. Clearly it’s everyone else’s fault, as Michael suggests below, and not his own.


Remember that part about him being a United Airlines Pilot? Yeah well, this isn’t going over too well with their management. United Airlines was made aware of the comment by people sending them screen captures. UA responded, “We are definitely aware and are investigating this. Thanks for letting us know.” Expect Michael Folk to soon go from 2 jobs to zero jobs.

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