Republican ‘Patriot’: You May Have To Kill Your Liberal Children

Over the last five years I have come across many disturbing comments while hunting for material to write about. I’ve seen white supremacists talking about lynching the president. I have witnessed people verbally attacking a political adversary’s children, seen men’s rights groups mock rape victims and all kinds of other stuff that makes me weep for humanity. I spend my days immersed in ignorance and hate most days, but I recognize that is what I signed up for when I decided to write about the right-wing in 2012.  However, tonight, while I was scrolling down the news feed of one of my Facebook troll accounts I came across a post that made me want to vomit–something that has only happened a handful of other times: a man telling people they may have to murder their liberal children to rid the USA of Democrats.

See for yourself:

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That’s not a joke. This guy literally told his followers that there may come a point where they may have to murder their kids. And what’s worse is that person after person after person agreed with him:

Michael and Ronda are stocking up on ammo, food and water by hitting up food banks. FOOD BANKS! Those places that poor parents go to so that they can feed their children. WTF?

Tracy thinks it’s sad that families will betray each other but agreed that kids may have to die. And then she start praising God because you know how the Bible says,”Thou shalt not kill…unless the person you are murdering is a liberal.”

Roberta’s totally cool with murdering kids.

Aranna can’t wait for this war to happen and Diane thinks the military and police will help with their liberal genocide.

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There about two dozen more comments like this but I could only bring myself to screencap a few of them.

This is an entirely different kind of crazy than I have ever seen before. The political party that these people support are currently in control of our entire government and they still think it’ll be necessary to kill their f*cking liberal kids if need be. Think about how insane that is. Their fixation with their distorted view of patriotism is more important to them than the babies they bore and raised.  As a mother I could not even imagine ever saying I might kill my kid because I really hate his political views. Actually, these disgusting excuses for human beings keep me up at night because I fear for my kid thanks to them. I worry that he will be beaten to death because he is half-Latino. Or that he will be shot will sitting in a movie theater because guns are more important than his life in this country. I spend every waking moment wondering what I can do to protect my son and help him grow into a successful, generous adult; and while I worry about that stuff, the right is wondering how they can snuff out the lives of their liberal children.


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