Republican Mayor Loses Re-election: Proclaims ‘The Ni**er Won’ On Facebook

Patsy Capshaw Skipper was the mayor of Midland City, Alabama, right up until she lost her re-election bid. She didn’t take the loss well, as you’ll see in the screenshot below.

Her opponent was Jo Ann Bennet Grimsley. Grimsley previously served as the city’s water clerk, and the county’s court clerk. Skipper is white. Grimsley is black.

And there is where the story starts. Skipper failed to win re-election when the votes came in, and Grimsley got 233, as opposed to Skipper’s 148.

Instead of respecting the democratic process and making some kind of effort to be gracious, Skipper proved what Democrats have been saying about Republicans for decades… The party is full of ugly, awful racists.

In a Facebook post that was captured from her personal timeline, Skipper responds to someone asking what the state of the mayoral race was. Giving her best Paula Deen impersonation, she said “I lost. The nigger won.”

A capture of the post is below:


Skipper seems to have figured out since then how the internet works, and both hid the post and made her page closed to comments from people not in her friend list. Too late. The damage has been done, because the internet never forgets.

Skipper originally was appointed by a vote from the city council to replace her husband, Virgil Skipper, when he retired due to health issues while still in office. Nobody has attempted to contact Skipper for comment, because who the hell cares what a bitter old racist has to say.

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