CONFIRMED: Rosenstein Will NOT Recuse Himself JUST To Get Sweet Revenge On Sessions

As any discerning wonk understands, you gotta take most of the news with a grain of salt…and we do here, trust me. However, a bit of information has piqued our interest as of late. We’ve heard from several trusted anonymous sources that there’s a kerfuffle happening in the White House that the MSM is not disclosing.

Reportedly, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has heard through the pipeline that Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered TWO “Comey memos”; one praising him and one criticizing the former FBI Director. Obviously the latter was designed to throw Rosenstein under the bus after the inevitable TrumperTantrum.

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Patriobotics (and, yes, we’re skeptical too — but these folks have been correct quite a bit) has gone one step further and claimed:

According to sources with links to the Justice Department and intelligence community, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was ordered by Russian hacking suspect, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to write two separate memos regarding Director Comey; one that argued for Comey’s strengths as FBI Director and the second, which Sessions used in his obstruction of justice to fire Director Comey.

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I don’t know about you, but that seem like something we should all be interested in… and everyone who is able SHOULD be a citizen journalist. We need you!

Maybe we can’t all afford to donate money or attend rallies and marches, but one thing we can all do is stay as informed as possible (which means reading ALL sources, embracing what resonates and expelling what does not), make our voices heard and always remain vigilant.

Until next time, fellow justice seekers.

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