Residents Of State That Elected Sarah Palin Are Mad The Aren’t Getting Enough Gov’t Handouts

The staunchly Republican state of Alaska sure has a strange way of showing their conservatism when it comes to government handouts of free money. People across the state are complaining about the fact their yearly government checks that they get as a reward for living in Alaska for an entire year were not enough to satisfy their entitlement.

While not every person in Alaska is Republican voter, most definitely are in spite of their political stripes everyone is upset about it. Remember, this state produced Sarah Palin and instead of using it as a lesson to vote Democratic they just keep electing Republicans, and now they’re pissed off everything went wrong again. Who could have seen this coming?

Residents received $1,022, which was less than half of what they expected, and which is also $1,022 more than anyone else in the country gets just for staying in the same state for a year. Previously, the benefit check was projected to be $2,100 — a record high. Action by the state’s Republican governor cut the projected amount to less than half in order to use the extra funds to help fill in the states massive budget deficit caused in part by low oil prices.

Some residents do legitimately depend on these funds, and we are not making light of their situation. However, many do not and there’s loads of Republicans in that group as well.

Alaskans get free money every year from a program that was put in place by Republicans in the 70s. The Alaska Permanent Fund discloses dividends from oil sales annually to residents who have lived in Alaska longer than one year. It really is just free money handed out by the government to people. This IS a Republican state, as well. Is that hypocrisy I smell?

The residents are so upset at getting exactly what they voted for, that they’re now asking Democrats for help to sue the governor for delivering fiscal conservatism unto them. Senator Bill Wielechowski, an Anchorage Democrat, and two former lawmakers are taking on the job of cleaning up this Republican mess. “It was not done legally, it was not done appropriately, and it did not belong in the budget. And because it didn’t belong in the budget, the governor couldn’t veto it,” Wielechowski said.

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Even though the current Republican governor might be viewed by some as a “moderate,” there is a Republican majority in the state senate which is far less moderate. The idea that this universal outrage comes from a bed of conservatism voted for these people is truly priceless. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson after electing Sarah Palin to stop giving conservatives the opportunity to ruin their lives.

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