Right-Wing Hero Allen West Denies He Posted This Meme Calling For Muslim Genocide (SCREENSHOT)

Allen West shared a meme yesterday that is truly comparable to the worldview of Hitler. It was liked by more than 46,000 people and over 10,000 felt inspired enough to share it, before West deleted it from his page. According to his team West knew nothing about it and the editor-in-chief of allenbwest.com took the blame.


Yes, that’s right, we are apparently now in the business of “exterminating” Muslims. The definition of exterminate is to “destroy completely.”

I think we all know what happens when a fascist regime takes over a country and plans to exterminate people.

This is America? This is our plan?

Even more frightening is that earlier in the week, Allen West met with Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Michael Flynn at Trump Tower.

Then only days later he shares a meme that threatens the lives of billions of people around the globe?

This is sick, America. Really sick. Even more abhorrent are the commenters who agree with the meme’s message and those who even go as far as excusing West and his team for posting it.

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Because in the world these people live in, the avocation of genocide apparently says nothing about moral character.

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Or, this person who apparently doesn’t think calling for the extermination of people isn’t really wrong anyway and somehow it’s just a simple “mistake” that was on accident. What?


And then, there are those who think something comparable to the holocaust is in “good taste” and certainly not nearly offensive as a black man being President of the United States.


This guy took so little offense to eradicating “them” that he felt the need to put it in all caps.


Then there is this guy.


Yeah, no worries. Everyone lashes out calling for the mass killing of billions of people during times of anger. “Your heart was in the right place.”

And, for miss Susy here, well what else could you expect from someone who freely admits they get most of their news from the likes of Allen West?


Last but not least, if you’re offended by the thought of genocide via the United States military, well you’re just a “damn snowflake.”


This is Trump’s America. Brace yourselves for World War III.

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