Right-Wing Meme Featuring Pathetically Small Hillary Crowd Is A Hilarious FAIL

One of the things that Donald Trump has talked about repeatedly during the presidential campaign is the size of his crowds. (Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?) He loves to talk about his “YUGE” rallies and compare them to the alleged small number of people who have been turning up at Hillary’s events.

Somebody decided to make a meme mocking Clinton, using the size of her crowds plus one of the other big issues of the campaign — that Russia is trying to influence the election.


There are several problems with the above photo. First, it is not a picture that was taken in recent days. The trees, the grass, everything about it says “summer.” It turns out that the photo used in the meme is from Getty images, and is the same image that was used on a tweet last June from a Twitter user named “BakedAlaska3X” (Sarah Palin…is that YOU?).

It’s true that earlier in the year Trump was drawing much larger crowds than either Clinton or her rival Bernie Sanders. But in recent times the size of Clinton’s rallies has grown to compete with the numbers that Trump has turned out. Just this past Wednesday the former Secretary of State spoke to a crowd of around 10,000 in red Arizona, for example.

But the biggest problem with that photo? Besides not being recent, it’s not even a photo of Hillary. As Snopes reports, the photo came from a picnic in the summer of 2015. The featured speaker was Bernie Sanders, and the event was well-attended. But most of the crowd left when Bernie finished talking, and only a few people remained to hear the speaker in the photo, who is Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

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It’s not clear whether the people who make up this stuff believe it themselves or whether they just want others to believe it. But either way it’s pretty pathetic.

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