Right-Wing Radio Host Schooled After Saying Liberals Don’t Understand How Climate Change Works (TWEETS)

The science behind climate change isn’t that difficult to understand; like most things science related, it just requires a little intellectual effort and honesty.

However, those two words absolutely do not describe modern conservatives, like right-wing radio host and  Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein. Goldstein is your typical right-winger, and like most right-wingers, he loves posting links on Twitter condemning liberal politicians and detailing how fake climate change is.

Or, rather how “fake” climate change is, since climate change is very real. And Goldstein found this out the hard way when he challenged “Social Justice Warriors” to explain climate change on Twitter, which resulted in a devastating truth bomb dropped by Twitter user Holiday Lil’ Tree:

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Kaboom. Do you think he saw it coming?

If you really want to have fun with conservatives, introduce them to the anti-greenhouse effect, and then explain that a planet can have both the greenhouse effect and anti-greenhouse effect at the same — for instance, Saturn’s moon, Titan. Their natural tendency to try to compartmentalize will conflict and it’ll result in the political and epistemic equivalent of a blue screen of death.

The most depressing thing about this, though, is that Lorrie probably didn’t learn a damn thing. He’ll go right back to claiming climate change isn’t real even after this explanation. That’s how these types work, after all. You can explain a concept until you’re blue in the face and it won’t stick, since conservatives are the literal embodiment of the adage that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

In fact, not only will the horse not drink, but it’ll celebrate not drinking, and claim that water is an evil communist plot to pollute vital bodily fluids.

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