Right-Wingers Are Freaking Out And Blaming Michelle For White House’s ‘Missing Baby Jesus’

You know, for people who claim to believe in the whole Ten Commandments/word of God stuff, some conservative Christians sure do lie a lot. Isn’t that one of the big 10? “Thou shalt not lie.”

A conservative blog that shall remain unnamed because there is no reason they should receive anymore clicks (money) for their lies, says:

There are no nativity scenes, no crosses, and no mention of Christ. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t know it was a Christian holiday at all.

As a non-Christian, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if our government property didn’t have a Baby Jesus. I’m okay with the Separation of Church and State. While I realize some Christians believe they have exclusive rights to the holiday season, they don’t.

But, the problem with that statement that “there are no nativity scenes. . . no mention of Christ,” is it simply isn’t true.

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In a document titled “The Gift of the Holidays: Holidays at the White House 2016,” which describes the seasonal decorations at the White House, it is noted that the traditional nativity, which has been part of the display since 1967, is on display in the East Room:

As is customary, the White House crèche is the centerpiece of the East Room. is elaborate display, containing nearly fifty individual pieces, was a gift to the White House from the Charles W. Engelhard Foundation.

The late eighteenth century terra cotta and wood figures, made in Naples, Italy, have been displayed in the East Room during the holiday season since 1967.

Facts, schmacts, though! These right-wingers are mad as hell and they are going to spout off on the internet about this made up injustice! And, they did, in the most deplorable, racist, nastiest ways possible.

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I’m sure the Baby Jesus they are defending would be so proud of this beautiful, peaceful, loving Christmas spirit.

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